sábado, 19 de enero de 2019

HipHopDX REJECTED ME For This!? | Music Marketing

Believe it or not, blogs and playlists want to be the first ones to post a song that is going to be considered HOT If they post it late... they look like they were late to the game and look behind and not new and up on stuff. I learned this hard way. I never thought the timing of WHEN I gave it to them mattered. I thought if it was good they would post it. And you might think the same thing so of course I wanna help you learn. I had a really hot song and at the time I was in the gym every single morning with Justin Hunte who is a good friend of mine. At the time he was the Editor In Chief at Hip Hop DX. Surely he would post it for me right? I saw him everyday. Well check this out.