Meghan Markle’s dad tells ‘arrogant’ Prince Harry to ‘man up’

Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas has told “arrogant” Prince Harry to “man up” and issued a bold warning to his daughter.
The 74-year-old threatened to continue speaking out about Meghan if she and husband Harry do not speak to him soon, The Sun reports.
He admitted some mistakes but said his son-in-law needs to “man up and get over it” before he gets “louder”.
The pair haven’t spoken to the Mexico-based former Hollywood lighting director since they got married, but he continues to reach out.
The Prince had urged Thomas not to speak to the press — but he was caught co-operating with a paparazzi photographer.
Harry told him: “This is what happens when you don’t listen to what we tell you to do.”
But Thomas said: “I’ll keep talking and I’ll probably get louder. Meghan and Harry’s silence empowers all the crazy tweets and insults against me and my family.”
Thomas admits he has made mistakes in the past, but said he is keen to make amends. He also hopes for an eventual first meeting with Harry.
But today his message to him is: “Man up and get over it.
“If I’m the first person who’s insulted you or hurt your feelings, you’ve got a long way to go.
“He’s human just like the rest of us. I feel that he feels he is above everyone else and that he has a right to talk down to people. And I cannot accept that. It feels like arrogance.”
He had hoped to join Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland at the wedding in Windsor last year but suffered a heart attack shortly before. And while recovering in hospital, he hung up on Harry, 34, during a heated row.
Thomas, also father to Tom Jr, 51, and daughter Samantha, 53, said: “I’ve been quiet long enough.
“If they ever want to speak to me, maybe I’ll quieten down a little bit. But in the meantime I’m not going to become a monk in a monastery and take a vow of silence.
“The bottom line is that I’ve done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. I cannot cut my tongue out and never speak again. I can’t shut up because they have opened the door for a million people to criticise me and my family.”
He recently urged his daughter to repair her rumoured rift with the Duchess of Cambridge, saying: “This just isn’t like her.”
Meghan has been accused of reducing Kate to tears at a bridesmaid dress fitting before the royal wedding. And there has been talk of a rift between Harry and his brother William and their wives.

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