Alpo Harlem | How He Got His Name | Cavario

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Alberto “Alpo” Martinez exemplified the New Jack Hustlers-a product of crime-ridden East Harlem, millions of dollars passed through his hands before he was 16; by the time he was 25, Alpo had confessed to 14 murders and had become Harlem and Washington D.C.’s most infamous snitch. Alpo’s name is iconic in hip-hop culture, his serpentine charisma still mesmerizes megastars like Jay-Z, but to Cavario-who has known Alpo since childhood and was there when he was christened with his dog food nickname-he was just another of the untrained unlicensed entrants into the dope game that he studiously avoided doing business with. Since Alpo’s release from prison into the Witness Protection program, Cavario is the only journalist that he has contacted and the only person he trusts to bring his story to the world.

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