107 Prince Music Facts YOU Should Know (Ep. #9) - MicDrop

"Prince played all the instruments on his first 5 albums." Prince. Also known as The Purple One, His Royal Badness, The High Priest of Pop, The Prince of Funk, and of course, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. There's a reason the world seemed to stop when we lost this huge music legend. With iconic hits like “When Doves Cry,” “Kiss”, “1999,” “Most Beautiful Girl in the World,” and of course, the film and song “Purple Rain,” it’s no wonder this creative artist made such an impact on the music industry, and the world. Touring with his bands The Revolution, New Power Generation, and most recently, 3RDEYEGIRL, Prince was known to deliver memorable performances everywhere he went - and always decked out in some fabulous funky outfit! Coming from Minneapolis, with a professional career spanning 40 years, Prince is an artist that will continue to inspire us always. And MicDrop is celebrating this super legend by giving you 107 Music Facts about Prince. So kick back and enjoy a purple rain of facts!

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